District Overview

Sunset Beach Sanitary District (District) was formed in 1930 to provide sanitary services to an approximately 175-acre area primarily composed of the Huntington Beach community of Sunset Beach, and the Seal Beach community of Surfside Colony.  The District collects both sewage and municipal solid waste within its service area.

Somewhat isolated when formed, the District originally operated its own sewage treatment plant and ocean outfall.  Later, as discharge requirements changed, the sewage treatment plant was abandoned, and the District now contracts with the Orange County Sanitation District for sewage treatment and effluent disposal, and with the City of Huntington Beach for sewage conveyance.

The District is governed by an elected five member Board of Directors, and holds public meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Sunset Beach Women’s Club located on the northeast corner of Broadway Street and Bay View Drive.

The Sunset Beach Sanitary District operates about 25,000 feet of sewer mains and one sewage pump station within the boundaries of Sunset Beach and Surfside, California.  The District employs a full-time Superintendent, a part-time Superintendent and two part time assistants in order to staff the operation should an emergency occur, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  In the event of electrical power outages, the District has both permanent and portable generating and pumping equipment.

Most services are provided through contracts with private contractors and suppliers.  Those contracts include municipal solid waste collection, sewage line cleaning, and specialty work on the sewage pump stations.  Equipment is stored in a rented industrial garage.  The District owns no land, buildings or vehicles.