Here you can find a ton of information about the Sanitary District such as how to obtain a connection permit, preventing sewage spills, etc.

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Connection Permits
Connection permits are required for all sewer lateral connections to the District’s sewers.  Connection permits are also required when a building is torn down and replaced with a new house or business, and when a remodel is planned with a cost of $100,000 or more.  There are separate fees for residential dwellings and commercial buildings.

It is recommended that you call the District and arrange to see the Superintendent early in your planning process to fill out a connection permit application and learn the permit requirements.

Preventing Sewage Spills
You can help!  Each home and business is connected to the District’s main sewer line by a private sewer lateral.  Make sure that your lateral is free of tree roots, and has a clean-out for cleaning purposes.  Avoid putting grease in your sewer; it clogs your lateral as well as the District’s main sewer line.  Make sure that rainwater can’t enter your lateral through yard drains or roof gutters; it’s a violation of the District’s Ordinances and State and regional requirements and regulations.

ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS OF THE SUNSET BEACH SANITARY DISTRICT!!  “Flushable Wipes” are not flushable! These wipes are very sturdy and cause major problems to the District’s sewer system when they become wound around pump impellers and valves. They can ultimately stop the pumps from working and result in a costly sewer spill. Instead, either use regular toilet paper or throw wipes in a trash receptacle after placing in a baggie if necessary. The increased maintenance as a result of flushing these non-flushable wipes has significantly increased the District’s operating costs. Also a breakdown of the pump could lead to a sewer backup in your home!